(a)    All commercial structures, all exterior parts and features thereof and the premises or property on which the structure is located shall be maintained in good repair and shall be capable of performing the functions for which such structure or part or feature thereof was designed or intended to be used. Further such structure and lot shall be maintained so as to be safe, sanitary, free from fire and health hazards, and fit for customers and employees. Further, such structure and lot shall be maintained in such condition so as to avoid having a deteriorating influence on the neighborhood and community or constituting a public nuisance.
   (b)    The requirements of other sections of the Bradford Code of Ordinances shall be considered in determining whether the commercial structure complies with this chapter. When it is determined by the Village Administrator or other designated official that there exists any condition which is contrary to the provisions of another section, or to the intent and purpose thereof, the Administrator shall have the authority to enforce both the sections of this chapter as well as other sections of the Code.
(Ord. 07-10.  Passed 8-9-07.)