(a)    "Accessory Building" means a secondary or appurtenant building, the use of which is incidental or accessory to that of the main structure, and which is attached thereto or located on the same premises, including, but not limited to a garage, shed, carport or other appurtenant structure.
   (b)   “Building Administrator" means the Village Administrator or his authorized representative.
   (c)   "Code" means the Property Maintenance Code being Chapter 1319 of the Codified Ordinance of the Village.
   (d)   "Commercial structure" or "Business structure" means a building or buildings which are used or zoned for use primarily for operating any business or enterprise. It also includes non-residential structures including churches, clubs, lodges, halls, schools and museums. This definition shall include buildings whether occupied, abandoned, or vacant.
   (e)   "Foundation" means that portion of the structure primarily below grade which provides support for exterior walls or other structural parts of a building or structure.
   (f)   “Junked motor vehicle" means any motor vehicle meeting any of the following criteria:
      (1)   A motor vehicle that is extensively damaged or disassembled; including,  but not limited to, any of the following:
         A.   Missing or deflated tire;
         B.   Missing wheel;
         C.   Missing transmission;
         D.   Missing motor;
      (2)   A motor vehicle that is apparently inoperative so that the motor vehicle  cannot, both physically and lawfully, under its own power and without repair or replacement of parts, be operated on the public highways of the Village.
   (g)   “Premises" or" property" means any real property within the Village upon which a structure is located.
   (h)   "Occupant" means the person or persons who may lease or use a commercial or business structure with the permission of the owner thereof whether as a tenant, lessee or pursuant to other agreement with the owner.
   (i)   "Owner" means the person identified in the County records as the legal owner of the lot or land on which the commercial or business structure is located; or, in the event that the lot or land is being purchased on Land Contract, the Owner means the Purchaser or other person having control of the premises.
(Ord. 07-10.  Passed 8-9-07.)