(A)   No owner of any listed property, within a designated Historic Overlay Zone shall by willful action or benign neglect, fail to provide sufficient and reasonable care, maintenance, and upkeep to ensure such property's perpetuation and to prevent its destruction by deterioration.
   (B)   Landscaping shall be provided and maintained on listed properties and properties within a historic district. Listed properties and properties within a historic district must maintain appropriated foundation plantings across their front unless the design of a building in its own historic era specifically excludes the use of such plantings. Such plantings shall be, minimally, decorative shrubs and/or small trees set at intervals no wider than six feet apart along the uninterrupted (by house steps, for example) foundation frontage. Such plantings shall be regularly pruned and weeded (including removal of volunteer weed trees). These requirements do not ordinarily apply to downtown buildings.
   (C)   Owners who fail to provide reasonable care and maintenance may be fined not more than $100.
(Ord. 8878, passed 3-15-2021; Am. Ord. 9028, passed 10-3-2022)