Your charter commission, elected last November, has completed its work and here submits its recommended Charter for your approval at a special election to held on Tuesday, October 31.
      The major purpose of this charter is to secure a more efficient operation of city affairs as is permitted by the constitution of the State of Ohio and to provide a governmental framework that is flexible to future needs.
      Through this charter, changes in city administration can be made by a majority vote of the citizens of Bowling Green. This is not permitted by the statutory law under which we now must operate.
      The major features of this charter are:
      1.    The continuation of a council elected by wards and at large.
      2.    Two-year terms for ward councilmen and 4-year terms for 3 councilmen elected at large.
      3.    Simplification and coordination by organizing departments according to function, such as finance under a finance director.
      4.    Administrative responsibility placed upon an elected mayor who serves 4 years as at present, while policy determination is the shared responsibility of council and the mayor.
      5.    Professional assistance to the mayor and to all departments through the newly created position of municipal administrator.
      6.    No new or additional powers of taxation.
      7.    Retention of the powers of initiative and referendum along with the additional power of recall.
      As a result of the 1970 federal census, 20 new cities were proclaimed in Ohio, making a total of 229 cities. Of these, 58% are now operating under a charter, utilizing either the mayor-council or city manager form of government.
      Your charter commission unanimously urges that you study this charter carefully and accept the responsibility of home rule by voting for its adoption on October 31.
Bertha Younkin, Chairman
Theodore Bishop, Vice-Chairman
Virginia Hamre, Secretary
Allen R. Baldwin
Rosalinda Rosales
Harry C. Boileau
Sheldon Rowland
Wayne W. Canfield
Howard Rutter
H. Richard Dunipace
Lyle B. Wright
Daniel W. Reddin III
Raymond Yeager