General. The mayor shall, unless excused by council, attend all meetings of council but shall have no vote therein. The mayor may, however, take part in the discussion upon all matters under consideration by council and may introduce and propose ordinances and resolutions and, if the adoption of the same shall be moved by a member of council, they shall be considered and acted upon as if introduced and proposed by a member of council.
   Veto power. Every ordinance and resolution of the council shall be signed by its president, and shall be promptly presented to the mayor. If the mayor approves such ordinance or resolution, he shall sign and return it within 10 days after its passage or adoption by council. If he does not approve it, he shall return it to the council in such 10-day period together with a written statement of his objections, which statement shall be entered in its entirety on the journal of council. The council may reconsider the vote on the passage of such legislation disapproved by the mayor not later than 30 days after the date upon which the mayor returned the same to council with his objections. If, on reconsideration, such legislation is approved by at least 2/3 of the members of council, it shall take effect at the time of the vote of such approval or at such later date as shall be specified in such ordinance or resolution. If any ordinance or resolution shall not be returned by the mayor within 10 days after its passage or adoption by council, it shall become effective in the same manner as if he had signed it on the last day of the 10-day period. The mayor may approve or disapprove in the manner provided above the whole or any item of an ordinance appropriating money. The item or items so disapproved shall be void unless repassed by council in the manner herein prescribed, but otherwise his approval or disapproval shall cover the entire ordinance or resolution.