Among other powers, council shall have and possess the authority to:
   Create, modify, combine, separate, abolish and transfer the functions of all nonelective city offices, boards and commissions, whether provided for in this charter or otherwise, and to provide for nonclassified employees with the exception only of the offices of the finance director, city attorney and municipal administrator, and to determine the terms, method of selection, duties, bonds and compensation relating thereto.
   Confirm or reject appointments made by the mayor to all boards and commissions and the heads of the following offices: the municipal administrator, the finance director, and the city attorney and the heads of such offices or departments created by action of council or under the laws of Ohio now or hereafter in force as specifically require such approval.
   Fix the rate of compensation of employees in the various departments of the municipality and require any officer, employee or member of any department, board or commission of the city, whether elected or appointed, to furnish a bond, which may be a bond covering all or any number of persons required to furnish a bond, for the faithful performance of their duties and provide for payment by the city of the premium for such bond.
   Employ a certified public accountant to make an audit of the financial affairs of any officer or department of the city whenever such audit is deemed necessary.
   Inquire into the conduct of any municipal officer or employee in the performance of his public functions.
   Make investigations of any office, department or agency of the municipality.
   Issue subpoenas for witnesses and require the production of books and papers which may be necessary in the conduct of any hearing or investigation.
(Amendment adopted by electorate 11-6-90)