General Provisions
   152.01   Adoption of building codes
   152.02   Enforcement
   152.03   Height limit
Moving Buildings
   152.04   License required
   152.05   Duration of license
   152.06   Insurance requirement
   152.07   Moving permit
   152.08   Permit fee
   152.09   Cutting wires
House Numbering
   152.10   Plan of numbering
   152.11   Method of numbering
   152.12   Size of numbers
   152.13   Duty of owner
   152.14   Definitions
   152.15   Private property prohibition
   152.16   Glare
Nuisances and Unsafe Premises
   152.20   Nuisance conditions prohibited
   152.21   Notice to abate violations
   152.22   (Reserved)
   152.23   (Reserved)
   152.24   Failure to comply; abatement by city
   152.25   Sale of salvage material; assessment or refund
   152.25A   Insurance procedures for repair and removal of certain fire damaged buildings
   152.26   Enlargement of authorized powers
Demolition of Buildings
   152.27   Permit required
   152.28   Qualifications; liability insurance and cash bond
   152.29   Permit fees
   152.30   Service connections
   152.31   Compliance with safe practice; undue delay
   152.32   Demolition procedure
   152.33   Chute usage
   152.34   Maintenance of party walls
   152.35   Protection of adjoining roofs
   152.36   Use and sanitation of site and adjacent land
   152.37   Use of public property; limitations
   152.38   Diversion of traffic
   152.39   Storage and handling of material and equipment
   152.40   Driving over sidewalk or curb
   152.41   Pedestrian protection; sidewalk shed required
   152.42   Maintenance of walkways
   152.43   Barricades and fences
   152.44   Sidewalk sheds
   152.45   Marking obstructions
   152.46   Removal of material and debris
   152.47   Filling abandoned excavations
   152.48   Board of Health regulations adopted
   152.49   Construction of fixed canopies and mansard style roofs over public sidewalks
   152.50   Smoke detectors required; residences
   152.51   Smoke detectors required; rental units
   152.52   Board of zoning appeals to have jurisdiction
General Provisions; Special Purpose
   152.70   Flood damage reduction
   152.99   Penalty
   For classification of civil offenses and related proceedings, see Chapter 38