Each proposed ordinance or resolution shall be introduced in written or printed form and the adoption, effective date, revision or amendment and signing thereof, shall be in the manner provided by the laws of the State of Ohio, except as otherwise in this charter provided.
   Ordinances and resolutions of a general or permanent nature, or granting a franchise, or creating a right, or involving the expenditure of money or the levying of a tax, or the purchase, lease, sale or transfer of property, shall be published once in a newspaper of general circulation in the city, except that in the case of such an ordinance or resolution containing more than 700 words in the recitals and text thereof, it shall be sufficient to publish in the aforesaid manner the number, title and date of passage thereof and a statement as to the city office in which a copy of the ordinance or resolution is on file for inspection by the public. If there is no newspaper of general circulation in the city, council may prescribe some other method of publication or giving notice of ordinances and resolutions.
   Council shall, in the administrative code, prescribe the manner of giving notice of all other ordinances, resolutions, orders, proclamations, reports and notices required by law or by this charter or by ordinance to be published and any other acts or proceedings of the city which council deems it proper to publish or give notice of.
   The council may adopt model or standard codes prepared and published by public or private agencies on such matters as building construction, plumbing, heating, ventilating, air conditioning, electric wiring, smoke regulation, fire prevention and other similar regulatory subjects by reference to the date and source of the code without reproducing the same in full in the ordinance. In all cases in which such a code shall be adopted by reference, publication of the code, at length, by the city, shall not be required. However, at least 6 copies of all such codes shall be kept in the office of the clerk of council for reference and consultation by interested persons during regular office hours, and additional copies shall always be available for sale, at cost, by the clerk of council.