§ 2.09 MEETINGS.
   Regular meetings. The council shall meet at such times as may be prescribed by its ordinances, resolutions, or bylaws. Regular meetings shall be held at least once in each calendar month.
   Special meetings. Special meetings may be called by a vote of the council taken at any regular or special meeting thereof, or shall be called by the clerk upon the written request of the mayor or president of council or of 3 members of council. Any such request shall state the time, place, and date thereof and the subject or subjects to be considered at the meeting and no other subject or subjects shall be considered. Notice in writing of each such special meeting called, except by vote of council, shall be given to each member of council and the mayor by serving the same on each of them personally or by leaving a copy thereof at his usual place of residence not less than 24 hours prior to such meeting. Service of such notice may be waived in writing and shall be deemed conclusively to be waived by attendance at such special meeting. In the event that a special meeting is called by a vote of council at a meeting from which the mayor or any member of council is absent, written notice of such special meeting shall be given each absentee in the manner hereinbefore described.