No person shall be eligible to be a member of council unless he or she shall have been a qualified elector of the municipality immediately prior to election or appointment, and no member shall serve as a member of council unless he or she shall continue to be a resident and an elector of the municipality, and in the case of a ward council member, of the respective ward represented throughout the term of office. Except as otherwise provided herein, no member of council shall hold any other elective public office, or any other office or employment with the City of Bowling Green.
   A council member may hold office in or be employed by another governmental unit.
   Council shall be the sole and final judge of the election and qualification of its members. Any member of council who shall cease to possess or who violates any of the qualifications herein enumerated shall forfeit the office. Failure of any member of council to maintain said qualifications shall not render void or ineffective any action of the council taken during the time a member was not qualified.
(Amendment adopted by electorate 11-6-90; Amendment adopted by electorate 11-6-01; Amendment adopted by electorate 11-5-02)