(A)   This chapter shall not become effective until occurrence of the following:
      (1)   The county shall hold a public hearing in accordance with KRS 65.686(1) upon a date certain at which all interested parties shall be afforded a reasonable opportunity to express their views on the proposed creation and establishment of the Development Area No. 2 and its boundaries.
      (2)   Prior notice of said public hearing shall be published in a local newspaper with general circulation at least seven days, but no more than 21 days, prior to the scheduled hearing date and shall set forth the time and place of the hearing, including general description of the boundaries of the proposed Development Area No. 2 and include a declaration that the purpose of the hearing is to afford all interested parties an opportunity to express their views regarding Development Area No. 2.
   (B)   This chapter shall become effective on the date following completion of all the conditions precedent set forth herein, at which time Development Area No. 2 shall be established hereby. Such date will be the commencement date and shall be the date on which the required hearing is concluded.
(Ord. 07-03, passed 1-16-07)