§ 115.03  FINDINGS.
   The county specifically finds, in accordance with and pursuant to the Act, that the project, and the creation and establishment of Development Area No. 1, is for a public purpose and for infrastructure and economic development purposes for the benefit and welfare for the citizens of the county. The Fiscal Court further finds that the establishment and designation of Development Area No. 1 will result in the increase in the value of property located within Development Area No. 1 and/or result in an increase in employment within and around Development Area No. 1. The county therefore finds that there is a necessity for the establishment and creation of Development Area No. 1 as authorized by this chapter, and therefore directs the establishment of Development Area No. 1 in accordance with the terms and conditions as set forth in the Act, and in accordance with these findings.
(Ord. 05-13, passed 9-20-05)