§ 114.09  UNLAWFUL ACTS.
   It shall be unlawful:
   (A)   For any licensee to arrest any person except when that person commits a criminal offense in the presence of the licensee.
   (B)   For any licensee to fail to turn over any such person arrested immediately to the appropriate unit of a regularly established unit of the police in the city where the offense occurs or to the County Police.
   (C)   For any licensee to hinder or interfere with any investigation under the jurisdiction of any regularly established police department of a city in the county or of the County Police Department.
   (D)   For any licensee to fail to report immediately to the appropriate regularly established unit of city or county police department all violations of county, state and federal laws which constitute felonies or breach of the peace coming to his attention.
   (E)   For any licensee to wear a uniform, badge or insignia other than authorized by the Judge/Executive.
   (F)   For any licensee to represent himself to be an officer of any regularly established unit of City or County Police Department.
   (G)   For any licensee to fail to conduct himself in a lawful and orderly manner at all times.
(Ord. 430.2, passed 6-3-80)  Penalty, see § 114.99