(A)   Identification cards.  In addition to the license, the Judge/Executive or his or her designee shall issue to each licensee an identification card approximately two and one-half inches by four inches, which shall include the following:
      (1)   The type of license and expiration date thereof;
      (2)   Name, address, physical description and picture of the licensee;
      (3)   The name of the employer if the licensee is a business or industrial guard, or the agent and employee of the merchant guard or merchant patrol;
      (4)   The signature of the licensee and that of the License Inspector;
      (5)   Such other information as the Judge/Executive may deem advisable.
   (B)   The Judge/Executive, in addition to the identification card hereinabove provided for, may issue a uniform type badge to be designed by him, but the Judge/Executive is hereby authorized to approve the use of badges and insignia, provided to agents or employees by the merchant guard or merchant patrol, or to business or industrial guards by an employer, where such badges and insignia are not a colorable imitation of, or cannot be confused with the badge worn by officers of the Florence City, Walton City or County Police or the County Sheriff's Office.
   (C)   Uniforms, if any, worn by business or industrial guards, and agents or employees of merchant guards and merchant patrols while employed within the Florence City, Walton City or county, will be of a color different from that worn by officers of Florence City, Walton City, and County Police Department, and the County Sheriff's Office, and of the State Highway Patrol.  The uniforms shall be presented to the Judge/Executive for his or her approval as to color, prior to issuance to employees and agents of merchant guards or merchant patrols and before being worn by the business and industrial guards and once the determination is made, it shall not thereafter be changed, except by approval by the Judge/Executive.
   (D)   The vehicles used in the conduct of the merchant guard or merchant patrol business, within the county by a licensee, shall be of a color approved by the Judge/Executive and shall be different from that of the vehicles of any regular police unit of any city in the county, the County Police, or the Sheriff of the county, and once determined, shall not be changed except by the Judge/Executive.  In addition, the vehicles shall not be equipped with any lights or sirens in violation of the Traffic Code of the City of Florence, county or the Commonwealth of Kentucky; nor shall any insignias be painted on the sides thereof which are similar to, or, which could be confused with that painted on the sides of the vehicles of the above mentioned divisions.
   (E)   The words “police” or “officer” shall not be used in any advertising, or upon the premises within the limits of the City of Florence occupied by the merchant guard or merchant patrol, nor on any of its vehicles or equipment.
(Ord. 430.2, passed 6-3-80; Am. Ord. 06-18, passed 10-17-06)