No license shall be issued to any of the following persons:
   (A)   Any person under 18 years of age or one who is not a citizen of the United States of America.
   (B)   Any person whose character and reputation and record of sobriety is not satisfactory to the License Inspector and the Police Department.
   (C)   Any person against whom a judgment or conviction for fraud, deceit or misrepresentation has been entered within 10 years immediately preceding the date of application.
   (D)   Any person who has a record of drug addiction, or a record of violent acts against persons or property.
   (E)   Any person who is unable to prove that he or she will be employed as a business or industrial guard, or any agent or employee of an industrial guard or merchant police upon issuance of a license.
(Ord. 430.2, passed 6-3-80; Am. Ord. 06-18, passed 10-17-06)