§ 92.01  DEFINITION.
   For the purpose of this chapter, the following definition shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   DISCARDED ITEMS.  This term includes, but is not limited to, items for or used in recycling, motor vehicles, auto body parts, tires, boats, home appliances and furniture in a dilapidated or apparently inoperable condition and left in open storage or discarded on private property for more than three consecutive days.  This definition shall not apply to the following:
      (1)   Any discarded item or part thereof which is enclosed within a building, such as a garage or other fully enclosed accessory building.
      (2)   Any discarded item not visible from an adjacent or abutting property owner, street, road, or public park.
      (3)   Any discarded item stored on private property in a lawful manner in connection with the licensed business of auto body, auto repair, dismantler, vehicle dealer, and junk or salvage yard, provided that outside storage of discarded items be within a privacy fence or dumpster area and not on the grass, or yard.
      (4)   The preceding exceptions shall not authorize the maintenance of a public or private nuisance as defined by law.
(Ord. 1010.14, passed 8-29-95)