Once a vehicle accumulates five citations issued under this title and the vehicle owner/operator fails to pay these citations within five days of the issuance of the fifth citation, the vehicle may be booted.
   (A)   A brightly colored adhesive sticker will be placed in a conspicuous location on the windshield of the booted vehicle stating that the vehicle is in violation of the parking policy. The sticker will contain information concerning where and when payment can be made.
   (B)   The owner/operator of the vehicle will be charged a fee of $50 to remove the boot in addition to his or her outstanding citations.
   (C)   If no contact is made by the owner/operator of the vehicle by 4:00 p.m., the vehicle may be towed. The tow company shall not release the vehicle until all outstanding penalties and late-payment penalties are paid.
   (D)   Once a vehicle is towed, the owner/operator of the vehicle will be responsible for all outstanding citations, the boot removal fee of $50 and any towing and/or storage fees assessed by the towing company.
   (E)   The owner of the vehicle or any person entitled to claim possession of the vehicle may appeal the towing of the vehicle pursuant to the post-towing procedures set forth in G.S. §§ 20-219.9 through 20-219.14. If the violator prevails in his or her judicial appeal of the towing, the town shall reimburse the violator for the fees and charges which he or she was required to prepay, as well as for any court costs incurred.
(Am. Ord. passed 12-16-19)