(A)   User permit; definition. A FIRE SAFETY USER PERMIT is a permit required by the Fire Department in connection with its duties to safeguard life and property in connection with:
      (1)   The hazard of fire and explosion arising from the storage, handling or use of structures, materials, or devices;
      (2)   Conditions hazardous to life, property or public welfare in the occupancy of structures or premises;
      (3)   Fire hazards in the structure or on the premises arising from occupancy or use;
      (4)   Matters related to the construction, extension, repair alteration or removal of fire suppression or alarm systems; and
      (5)   Conditions affecting the safety of fire fighters and emergency responders during emergency operations.
   (B)   Permits required. Permits shall be obtained from the Fire Department pursuant to the procedures and considerations set forth herein and in Chapter 1 of the Fire Code, and will be issued on an individual basis upon demonstration of compliance with the applicable Fire Code regulations.
   (C)   Application for permit. Applications for permits shall be submitted to the Fire Department together with the appropriate fees and such information and documentation as may required by the Fire Department.
   (D)   Review and issuance. An on-site inspection shall be conducted to determine compliance with applicable provisions of the Fire Code. If an application for a permit is rejected, the applicant shall be advised, in writing, of the reasons for the rejection.
   (E)   Revocation. The Fire Department may revoke a permit upon determination that the permit holder or any agents or employees of the permit holder, has violated any provision of the Fire Code or any stated condition of the permit. The Fire Department shall advise the permit holder, in writing, of the reason for the revocation.
   (F)   Non-transferable. All permits issued shall not be transferable. Permits shall be valid only as specified on the permit for the time period, use and/or project specified. User permits will be valid for a period of one year from the date of issuance unless otherwise specified in the permit.
   (G)   Fee administration. In the event that a use or occupancy requires more than one annual user permit, multiple permits may be combined into a single permit, and the highest fee required for any one of these permits shall be charged.
   (H)   Inspections. An inspection shall be conducted by the Fire Department to determine if the occupancy or use is in compliance with the Fire Code. The Fire Department will conduct as many inspections as necessary to assure compliance with the Fire Code and approval for the user permit. Once the occupancy is approved for the permit, the Fire Department will mail the user permit to the occupant.
   (I)   Permit displayed. The applicant must display the issued user permit so that the public or other users can confirm that the occupancy or use has met Fire Code requirements.
(Ord. passed 9-19-2019)  Penalty, see § 92.99