(A)   Definition. A FIRE SAFETY SPECIAL USE PERMIT is a permit required by the Fire Department authorizing certain one-time or occasional activities or assemblies that pose hazards to persons or property. A special use permit will be issued for a specific event, operation and/or a specified time period. Examples of special use permits include blasting permits, insecticide fogging, craft shows, tent assemblies and the like.
   (B)   Permit issuance and display requirements shall be in accordance with the Fire Code.
   (C)   A special use permit shall be required for the following activities and events:
      (1)   Fireworks for public display;
      (2)   Tents for public usage exceeding 800 square feet with sides or 1,800 square feet in size with open sides;
      (3)   Use of inflatable air structures with a gross area (footprint) exceeding 800 square feet;
      (4)   Temporary kiosks;
      (5)   Insecticide fogging or fumigation, except in one- and two-family residential dwellings;
      (6)   Blasting (explosives);
      (7)   Special assemblies of persons, including but not limited to:
         (a)   Haunted houses;
         (b)   Craft shows/festivals;
         (c)   Merchandising shows; and
         (d)   Mall exhibitions; and
      (8)   Any other type of activity or event that is determined by the Fire Department to pose similar risk to persons or property.
   (C)   Procedure for issuance of permit. It will be the responsibility of the person or organization, requiring a special use permit to contact the Fire Department to fill out a special use permit application. The fee necessary for the permit will be collected upon submission. The permit will not be issued until an inspection has been conducted and all applicable regulations have been met.
   (D)   Permit conditions. A special use permit must be posted for public view during the specified time period or event. Special use permits are not transferable or renewable. 
   (E)   Revocation. The Fire Department may revoke a permit if it determines that the permit holder has violated any provision of the Fire Code, town code or any stated condition of the permit. In the event that a permit is revoked, the permit holder will not be entitled to a refund of the permit fee. The special activity or event authorized per the permit shall cease immediately upon revocation of the permit.
(Ord. passed 9-19-2019)  Penalty, see § 92.99