§ 92.18  FIRE LANES.
   (A)   Fire lanes required. The Fire Department shall have authority consistent with the Fire Code to designate fire lanes necessary for fire apparatus accessibility.
   (B)   Marking.
      (1)   The perimeter of every designated fire lane shall be marked with a solid four-inch yellow stripe. The interior of this area shall be marked with four-inch yellow stripes at 45-degree angles to the perimeter stripe or curbing at four feet on center. The wording “FIRE LANE” shall be painted by stencil in the interior of the stripping.
      (2)   A “no parking” sign of the type specified in the following figure shall be installed adjacent to the fire lane at the beginning and end of the fire lane perimeter:
      (3)   Additional signs shall be posted at intervals not exceeding 75 feet.
   (C)   All fire lanes previously designated and described pursuant to this chapter prior to this amendment shall remain as fire lanes and be maintained as such. Parking a motor vehicle in or otherwise obstructing a required fire lane is prohibited at all times.
(Ord. passed 9-19-2019)  Penalty, see § 92.99