§ 73.99  PENALTY.
   The provisions of § 10.99 apply to violations of this chapter except as specifically provided otherwise in this section.
   (A)    (1)   Any person who violates this chapter shall be subject to a civil penalty in the amount of $100.  In the event there is more than one violation within any one-year period, then the civil penalty shall be increased for each additional violation over one during such period, as follows.
         (a)   Second offense within one year: $250.
         (b)   Third offense within one year: $500.
         (c)   Fourth offense within one year: $750.
         (d)   Fifth and any subsequent offense within one year: $1,000.
      (2)   Once the one-year period has run from the first violation, the next violation shall be considered to be a first violation for the purposes of establishing a new one-year period.   
   (B)   This chapter may also be enforced by an appropriate equitable action.
   (C)   Per G.S. § 160A-175(f), any one, all, or any combination of the foregoing penalties and remedies may be used to enforce this chapter.
(Ord. passed 12-15-2016; Ord. passed 11-16-2021)