Within 90 days after written notice by the Town Council, its agent or authorized contractor, of the assignment of or change of a number for any house, building, mobile home park or condominium complex, the owner or occupant of the property shall be required to post the number (including any letters) so assigned in an approved area on the property in accordance with the requirements of this section no later than 90 days after adoption.
   (A)   The minimum height of the number(s) placed on a house, building, mobile home lot/site or unit shall not be less than three inches; however, the building number of an apartment, townhouse or condominium complex shall not be less than six inches high and shall be placed either in the approximate center of the building or on the street end of the building so that it is clearly visible from either the public or private street by which it is accessed.
   (B)   Numbers shall be displayed in numeric format, not in script.
   (C)   The house or building numbers, except in case of mobile home park lot/sites, shall be maintained within a three-foot perimeter of an entrance whereby they are visible from the public street or road on which it fronts or the lot on which the building is located if the property is landscaped in a manner that the numbers cannot be seen from the public street or road, the assigned building number shall also be posted on the property at or near the property line at a driveway entrance or access to the structure.
   (D)   A sign displaying the property number or street address of a mobile home park shall be erected and displayed at the driveway entrance of the mobile home park. Lots or sites within the mobile home park shall be marked in an uniform manner within the park by placement at or near the individual mobile home by a pedestal or post, no less than three feet, nor higher than five feet, above ground level, containing the assigned number of the individual mobile home. If an individual mailbox is placed at the mobile home lot/site, the number shall be displayed thereon. If a central cluster postal box site is provided, the assigned lot/site number also shall be displayed on the individual boxes of the cluster. In the event the mobile home rests on a permanent foundation, the structure may be marked in accordance with division (C) above.
   (E)   The color of the number(s) placed on a structure or pedestal shall be in contrast to the color scheme of the house, building, mobile home or pedestal so that the number is clearly visible and shall be maintained in a clearly visible manner. The Building Inspector shall not issue a certificate of occupancy or a certificate of compliance until the assigned number is posted in accordance with this section.