(A)   Weight limitations. Whenever the Administrator installs a traffic-control device clearly stating or indicating that the vehicles are not permitted on a street or any portion thereof, no person may drive any vehicle with multiple rear axles or any single rear axle vehicle with a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of 20,000 pounds or more, on that street or designated portion thereof unless the vehicle's destination or point of origin is on that street, within the corporate limits of the town and there is no alternative street to access the point of origin or destination. Municipal vehicles, public utility vehicles and heating fuel delivery vehicles are exempt from this restriction. The following streets shall be weight-restricted upon installation of traffic-control devices:
Eastbrook Drive
Westbrook Drive
Hunting Hills Lane
   (B)   Route limitations. The town has serious traffic problems within its corporate limits. In particular, the town has a problem with tractor and trailer trucks traveling through the downtown business district. The purpose of this provision is to regulate the movement of large trucks so as to facilitate traffic flow within the town.
      (1)   Trucks having more than two axles are prohibited from using U.S. Highway 421 between the 105 Extension and Burrell/North Water Street.
      (2)   Trucks having more than two axles shall be allowed to use the following streets: beginning on U.S. Highway 421-221 (East King Street) at 105 Extension, then along U.S. Highway 221 (N.C. 105 Extension) to its intersection with U.S. Highway 321, then along N.C. Highway 105 to S.R. 1107 (known locally as N.C. 105 Bypass), then along S.R. 1107 to U.S. 321-421 (West King Street) west of Boone.
      (3)   Division (A) above shall not apply to trucks having more than two axles making local deliveries to customers located within the prohibited area described in division (A) above.
      (4)   U.S. Highway 421 beginning at 105 Extension and continuing on West King Street shall be designated as U.S. 421 Business.
(Ord. passed 12-16-2019)