(A)   (1)   Public hearings required by law or deemed advisable by the Council shall be organized by a special order, adopted by a majority vote that sets forth the subject, date, place, and time of the hearing as well as any rules regarding the length of time for each speaker, and other pertinent matters.
      (2)   The rules may include but are not limited to rules fixing the maximum time allotted to each speaker; providing for the designation of spokespersons for groups of persons supporting or opposing the same positions; providing for the selection of delegates from groups of persons supporting or opposing the same positions when a number of persons wishing to attend the hearing exceed the capacity of the hall (so long as arrangements are made for those excluded from the hall to listen to the hearing); and providing for the maintenance of order and a quorum and the conduct of the hearing.
      (3)   All notice and other requirements of the Open Meetings Law applicable to Council meetings shall also apply to public hearings at which a majority of the Council is present.  A public hearing for which any notices required by the Open Meetings Law or other provisions of law have been given may be continued to a time and place certain without further advertisement.
      (4)   The requirements of adjourned (or recessed) meetings shall be followed and continuing a hearing at which a majority of the Council is present.
   (B)   (1)   At the appointed time for the hearing, the Mayor or his or her designee shall call the hearing to order and then preside over it.
      (2)   When the allotted time expires or when no one wishes to speak that has not done so, the presiding officer shall declare the hearing ended.
   (C)   A quorum of the Council shall be required at all public hearings required by state law. If a quorum is not present at a hearing, the hearing shall be continued until the next regular Council meeting without further advertisement or may be scheduled for a special hearing of the Council without further notice so long as the date, time, and location of the special hearing is announced.
(Ord. passed 3-20-2014)