Sanitary sewer plans shall contain the following minimum information:
   (A)   Plan and profile on 24-inch by 36-inch page;
   (B)   Vertical sea level elevation scale on left of profile and station numbers along bottom of profile;
   (C)   North arrow, all sheets;
   (D)   Plan and profile both run left to right;
   (E)   Centerline intersections of line crossings with sewer noted on profile;
   (F)   Street names above or below corresponding profile, when more than one street is on a page;
   (G)   Identify location of drop manholes in both plan and profile;
   (H)   Invent elevations of all proposed and all existing pipes and pipe sizes entering and leaving all manholes to 0.01 foot on profile;
   (I)   Rim elevation and vent elevation to one-tenth foot on profile; existing and proposed grades;
   (J)   Pipe grade to 0.01% and size and type of pipe between manholes;
   (K)   Size and type of existing pipe and direction of flow between each manhole on plan;
   (L)   Station numbers and designation of existing or new on each manhole on plan and profile;
   (M)   Indication of identical manholes where profile is broken;
   (N)   Location and size of all existing and proposed street and sewer rights-of-way;
   (O)   Existing pavement on plan, indicate width and any portion to be cut;
   (P)   Where a line is to be bored, indicate location and length of casing and type of pipe on plan and profile;
   (Q)   All existing underground utilities in the area;
   (R)   Where ductile iron is to be used, indicate limits on plan and profile. Show shaded on profile;
   (S)   Use ductile iron where storm drain and sewer have less than two feet vertical clearance;
   (T)   On aerial crossings, use concrete piers at 18-foot intervals, indicate on plans and profile, include details of design for the piers and anchorage;
   (U)   Total distance between existing manholes or proposed manholes on the plan and the bearing if the line is not within the street right-of-way;
   (V)   All lot lines;
   (W)   All street names on plan;
   (X)   Flood plain elevation in all flood plain areas;
   (Y)   Creek flow line;
   (Z)   All railroad crossings must be accompanied by a separate encroachment map showing plan and profile and all other information required by the railroad in accordance with their standards;
   (AA)   Registered engineer's seal and signature; and
   (BB)   Vicinity map showing the location of lines and a visual index of plan sheets.
(Ord. passed 6-21-2011)