(A)   Every customer and adjunct customer shall arrange for piping on the premises to be installed so that the connections to the town’s meter, lines or mains are conveniently located.
   (B)   When a meter is installed on the premises of a customer, the customer shall provide and maintain a suitable place to locate the meter so that it is unobstructed and accessible at all times to the meter reader.
   (C)   Every customer and adjunct customer shall furnish and maintain a private cut-off valve on the customer’s side of the meter.
   (D)   Every customer and adjunct customer shall maintain all town piping, apparatus and facilities within the customer’s control in proper condition.
   (E)   Every customer and adjunct customer shall protect any town property placed on the customer’s or adjunct customer’s property and shall only permit access to it by authorized representatives of the town.
   (F)   Every customer and adjunct customer shall provide the town’s representatives access to his or her property, as necessary for the town to maintain the town’s water and/or sewer lines, to install or remove town property, to read or test the customer’s water and/or sewer meter(s) and for any other purpose reasonably necessary for the town to efficiently provide service to the customer and adjunct customer, and to maintain and protect its system.
   (G)   If so requested, every customer and adjunct customer shall grant or convey to the town a perpetual easement and right-of-way across the customer’s property wherever the perpetual easement and right-of-way is reasonably needed by the town to effectively furnish and maintain service to the customer. The refusal of a customer, adjunct customer, or applicant for service as either to grant or convey the town an easement is a basis for denying or discontinuing service to a customer or adjunct customer .
   (H)   The customer is responsible for keeping the town informed at all times of the customer’s current billing address. An adjunct customer must likewise provide the town with a contact address and telephone number, and must keep such information current.
   (I)   In the event that any loss or damage to the property of the town is caused by the customer, adjunct customer, their invitees, agents or employees, or in the event the negligence or any wrongful act by the customer, adjunct customer, their invitees agents or employees results in any accident or injury to persons or property for which the town is held responsible, the customer must pay the cost of the necessary repairs or replacements to the town; and the customer shall assume any liability otherwise resulting from the customer’s or adjunct customer’s wrongful actions or omissions.  The actual amount of such loss or damage and/or the actual cost to the town of repairs shall be added to the customer’s bill; and if not timely paid, service to the customer and any adjunct customer may be discontinued by the town.
   (J)   By applying for and accepting service from the town, the customer and adjunct customer agree to hold the town harmless from liability for any damages that may occur due to a temporary discontinuance or interruption of service by the town for emergency reasons, whether or not the customer or adjunct customer receives prior notification of the discontinuance or interruption.
(Ord. passed 6-21-2011; Ord. passed 7-17-2012)