(A)   Water or sewer service shall only be supplied to a person, whether as a customer or as an adjunct customer, who has fully completed an application for service and who has met all other requirements of the town for service, including the payment of the fees and deposits as may be required.
   (B)   Applicants for service, as either a customer or adjunct customer,  shall apply, in person, at the designated office of the town. All applications for service must be made in the name of a natural person or other legal entity. In the case of legal entities, such as corporations, limited liability companies and general partnerships, the applicant must be duly registered to do business in the state and be in good standing with the Secretary of State. Any application for service by an entity other than a natural person must be personally guaranteed by a natural person residing in the county or the applicant must pay a deposit twice the normal deposit for service of the kind applied for, based on the rates established in §§ 50.460 through 50.462.
   (C)   Any person filing an application for service must provide satisfactory proof of identity and if filing an application on behalf of another person or non-human legal entity, must provide the town with proof that the applicant is authorized to establish an account in the name of the entity. In addition, the applicant must provide satisfactory evidence, such as, but not limited to, a tax bill, deed or lease, that the entity in whose name the account is established is either the owner of the property in question or has the legal right to possession of the property.
   (D)   An applicant for water or sewer service for a property, residential unit or commercial unit not previously provided water and/or sewer service by the town or where the use of the property has changed, must pay all required system development fees and tap-on fees before service will be provided. An applicant for service as an adjunct customer must pay any required system development availability fee before service is provided, and every adjunct customer must provide both the written approval of the customer in whose name service is currently maintained and written permission of the owner of the property to apply for service as an adjunct customer. No applicant may be approved by any town department for occupancy of the property or unit in question until all required system development fees have been paid.
   (E)   The town may reject any application for service which involves excessive service cost or which may adversely affect the supply of service to other customers or for other good and sufficient reason.
   (F)   The town may reject any application for service when the applicant is delinquent in the payment of either water or sewer bills or associated fees incurred for service previously supplied by the town at any location. Furthermore, when the owner of the premises has received water or sewer service and has not paid for the same, the town shall not be required to provide service to anyone at that premises until all delinquent water or sewer bills or associated fees have been paid.
   (G)   The town shall refuse service if the customer’s lines or piping are installed in a manner that they may not prevent cross-connections or backflow.
   (H)   The town will only provide service outside the corporate limits of the town to new applicants in accordance with § 50.290 of this chapter.
(Ord. passed 6-21-2011; Ord. passed 7-17-2012; Ord. passed 6-19-2018)