(A)   After the packaged water booster pump station has been completely installed, including the electrical service, and has been put under pressure by the installer, then a factory service representative will be scheduled to visit the jobsite and put the booster station into trouble free, automatic operation. The service representative will be a regular employee of the booster pump station manufacturer.
   (B)   The service representative will spend one full day at the jobsite. In addition to his or her start-up duties, he or she shall explain and demonstrate the operation of the booster pump station to a representative of the owner. The service representative at this time shall pass over to the owner's representative two bound copies of the booster pump station maintenance and operation manual.
   (C)   A complete service report shall be made out and signed by the factory service representative and a representative of either the owner or project engineer. Copies of the start-up report will be distributed as follows: one copy each to the manufacturers project file, consulting engineer's project file, contractor's project file and the owner's equipment file.
(Ord. passed 6-21-2011)