§ 50.085  SCOPE OF WORK.
   (A)   The contractor shall furnish and install one factory built, underground water booster pumping station, with all the necessary piping, controls and appurtenances as shown on the plans and as specified herein. The station shall be complete with all necessary equipment installed in a fabricated steel capsule. Entrance to the equipment capsule will be gained through a rectangular entrance hatch, with an access ladder provided. The booster station shall be as manufactured by Engineered Fluid, Inc., Centralia, Illinois.
   (B)   The manufacturer of this equipment shall be one recognized and established in the design and production of water booster pumping stations. The booster station manufacturer shall maintain regular production facilities at its place of business. These facilities shall be open for inspection by a representative of the owner at any time during construction and testing of this equipment. Equipment manufactured by a fabricator independent of the firm of record on the equipment submittal will not be allowed.
   (C)   Where a developer intends to provide other than the specified equipment, the alternate material or equipment must be approved by the engineer prior to the bid. In order for the alternate equipment to be considered an approved equal, prospective suppliers must make a pre-bid submittal as detailed in division (D) below and make it available to the Director of Public Utilities 14 days prior to the time of bidding. A list of approved equal material or alternate suppliers will be forthcoming from the engineer five days before bids are taken.
   (D)   Pre-bid submittals for approval will be bound and in three copies. The submittals will contain a minimum of two full-size drawings, one each covering the booster pump station and the electrical control schematic. The booster station drawing shall illustrate at least three different views, be to scale and specific to this project. The submittal booklets will be complete with standard size cut sheets covering all individual items that make up the booster pump station and the UL file number under which the manufacturer is listed.
   (E)   The submittals for approval must contain an installation list of only like equipment. The installation list will be complete with the date of installation, the name and telephone number of the equipment operator and/or the name and telephone number of the design engineer.
(Ord. passed 6-21-2011)