(A)   Concrete blocking (3,000 psi) to be placed at all bends or as required.
   (B)   Standard depth of cover to be three feet, except at valve or hydrant locations or other special situations. Cover is based on elevation below edge of pavement or as indicated on the plans.
   (C)   Provide concrete pads (30-inch by 30-inch by six-inch) at all valve boxes.
   (D)   Extensions for valve boxes, when required, are to be five-inch soil pipe.
   (E)   All pavement cuts, concrete or asphalt, are to be replaced according to the Standard Details of the State Department of Transportation.
   (F)   Pavement cuts are to be replaced immediately after backfilling of initial cut either with permanent replacement or a temporary replacement of one and one-half inches of I-2 or four inches of H-Binder.
   (G)   Repairs to main breaks:
      (1)   Bell clamps will not be allowed, except in special situations and as directed by the Director of Public Utilities; and
      (2)   Solid sleeves to be used for connecting spigot ends shall be of the long pattern type.
   (H)   In any instance where it will be necessary to have the water shut off on existing mains in order to make a tie-in, the work must be done under the direct supervision of the Director of Public Utilities and at the time least inconvenient to the water customers involved.
   (I)   When a water main crosses an existing sewer main, the contractor is to replace the sewer pipe spanning the ditch with ductile pipe when the following conditions occur:
      (1)   Any time a water main is installed under a sewer main; and
      (2)   When a water main is over a sewer main and the vertical distance between the two mains is 18 inches or less.
   (J)   Water mains shall be installed with a minimum of ten feet horizontal separation from sewer lines. Where this is not possible, as determined by the Director of Public Utilities, both the water line and the sewer line shall be ductile iron pipe.
   (K)   Water lines shall be disinfected and hydrostatically tested in accordance with all state and town requirements.
(Ord. passed 6-21-2011)