(A)   The provisions of § 10.99 apply to violations of this chapter except as specifically provided otherwise in this section.
   (B)   An initial violation of this chapter shall subject the responsible person to a civil penalty in the amount of $25. In the event there is more than one violation within any one-year period by the person, then the civil penalty shall be increased for each additional violation over such period, as follows.
      (1)   Second offense within one year: $50.
      (2)   Third offense within one year: $100.
      (3)   Fourth and any subsequent offense within one year: $200.
      (4)   Once the one-year period has run from the first violation, the next violation shall be considered to be a first violation for the purposes of establishing a new one-year period.
   (C)   A person acting in violation of this chapter may be ordered by a town police officer to cease the person's activities and vacate the vending site. Such person must obey the order of the police officer or is subject to separate and distinct citation for violation of this chapter and/or charges for resisting the lawful orders of a police officer.
(Ord. passed 7-12-2023)