It shall be unlawful for a street vendor to:
   (A)   Violate any federal, state, county or city law or regulation that pertains to food, beverages, or the selling thereof.
   (B)   Fail to permit any lawfully requested inspection by health officials or to comply with any lawful request of a police officer.
   (C)   Fail to carry and display at all times of operation the permit issued under this chapter.
   (D)   Have a vending stand that is not in compliance with this chapter or any rules established by the Town Manager (or designee) hereunder.
   (E)   Leave the vendor's site without first picking up, removing and disposing of all trash or refuse remaining from the activities of the vendor or the vendor's customers.
   (F)   Sound or permit the sounding of any device which produces a loud and raucous noise or engage in any hawking or harassment for the purpose of attracting the attention of the public to the vending stand.
   (G)   Have any advertising other than the posting of prices, the names of goods, and the name and contact information of the vendor.
   (H)   Solicit or conduct business with persons in motor vehicles.
   (I)   Use a tent or canopy. Only properly anchored single-pole umbrellas may be used, and any such umbrella must not interfere with pedestrian traffic or in any other way pose any threat to public safety.
(Ord. passed 7-12-2023)