(A)   This chapter applies only within the area of the downtown Municipal Services District ("MSD"), which is referred to hereinafter as the "downtown area."
   (B)   This chapter is intended to regulate conduct on town-owned public property and town-maintained public rights-of-way in the downtown area, including all streets and sidewalks maintained by the town (and regardless of whether or not such public rights of way are within the boundaries of private parcels). This chapter is not intended to regulate private property that is not subject to public rights-of-ways, such as private parking lots.
   (C)   When special events are held in the downtown area, the Town Manager (or designee) may, in the town manager's discretion, determine that street vending shall not be allowed under this chapter but instead will be prohibited or will be allowed only as permitted by the sponsor(s) of the special event. SPECIAL EVENTS for purposes of this provision shall include all town-sponsored parades, Boone Boo, Boonerang, and any other event determined by the Town Manager to constitute a special event for purposes of this section.
(Ord. passed 7-12-2023)