(A)   Solid wastes generated by single-family and duplex residential customers that are too bulky, heavy or cumbersome to be collected by the town as part of its regular collection service may be collected by the town pursuant to a request made to the Administrator as a “special collection.” Special collections will be collected only in accordance with this section and any policies adopted by the Administrator, and may include yard waste (including grass cuttings, hedge clippings, tree debris and tree trimmings, shrubbery and similar items less than eight inches in diameter and ten feet in length); containers weighing more than 75 pounds; furniture and household furnishings, white goods, and similar items.
   (B)   To the extent practical, special collection items must be placed within ten feet of the curb, may not impede the public way, and must be clear of overhanging obstructions.
   (C)   Yard waste must be kept separate from and shall not be mixed with any other type of solid waste for purposes of collection by the town.
   (D)   No materials such as trees, logs, stumps, shrubbery or underbrush resulting from land being cleared shall be collected by the town. Proper collection and disposal of such material shall be the responsibility of the contractor or builder or, in the event that the contractor or builder fails to remove such material, the responsibility of the owner of the property.
   (E)   A property owner or occupant who deposits special collection items must call the town's Public Works department within one business day of making the deposit to arrange for a special collection pick-up.
   (F)   The town reserves the right to refuse any request made pursuant to this section and the failure of the town to provide this service shall not relieve any person of any of the obligations imposed by any provision of this code.
   (G)   Each single-family and duplex residential property is entitled to a limited number of free special collection pickups per calendar year pursuant to the current policies of the Public Works Department. Any special collection pickup over that number of free pickups shall be charged to the occupant or property owner at the rates provided on the current schedule of rates and fees of the Department. If an occupant who is not the property owner fails to pay the special collection charges, the charges shall be chargeable to and paid by the property owner.
   (H)   In the event a property owner or occupant fails to arrange for a special collection as required per division (E), the town may collect the solid wastes and charge the pick-up against the property owner or occupant as provided at division (G).
(Ord. passed 12-16-2019)