With respect to properties served by cubic yard containers:
   (A)   The location of cubic yard containers shall be determined by the Administrator after consultation with the owner of the property concerned. In making this determination, the Administrator shall consider the needs of the occupants for safe and convenient access to the location for deposit and the private hauler's ease of access to the location for collection;
   (B)   Solid waste and recycling materials shall be collected from the approved location on a schedule determined by the Administrator;
   (C)   Screening shall be provided around containers.
   (D)   All solid wastes shall be stored in cubic yard containers pending collection.
   (E)   All cubic yard containers shall be cleaned periodically to minimize offensive odors and the tops or openings to all cubic yard containers shall be kept securely fastened at all times pending collection;
   (F)   All enclosures and screens shall be well maintained and replaced as needed;
   (G)   Recycling containers shall be located in the same area as the solid waste container site where reasonably possible;
   (H)   If locating the recycling area at the solid waste container site proves impractical for new construction or in connection with the renovation or expansion of an existing multi-family dwelling, a recycling area shall be located in an accessible area on the property as determined by the Administrator; and
   (I)   Screening, enclosures, container types, placement of containers and the like shall comply with all applicable specifications established by the town's Public Works Department and with any requirements of the town's Unified Development Ordinance ("UDO").
(Ord. passed 12-16-2019)