(A)   Any person who creates or assists in creating an unreasonably loud or disturbing noise or other violation of this chapter is responsible for remedying the violation and may be held liable for civil or criminal penalties under this chapter.
      (1)   A person shall be deemed to create or assist in creating the unreasonably loud or disturbing noise or other violation if that person owns, manages, leases, occupies, or operates any residence, business, or location at which the noise is generated.
      (2)   In those instances where the violating noise is the result of the actions of a group of persons, such as a late-night party, all persons present shall be liable for the appropriate civil penalties, whether or not they individually created the offending noise.
   (B)   Notice. Written warning or a citation or notice of violation may be served in person, by first class mail, or by email. A property owner who does not occupy the property from which the violating noise is generated may be served by first class mail to the address currently on file with the county tax assessor. A person who occupies or otherwise is in possession of the property may be served by posting.
   (C)   Exception. The persons responsible for a violation of § 82.06 regarding live, recorded or amplified music and the manner of notice to be made on the same shall be as specified in § 82.06.
(Ord. passed 12-16-2019)