12-820: DEFINITIONS - T:
TEMPORARY DWELLING UNIT: A residence that is either:
   A.   For the purpose of providing adequate housing and care for the aged or handicapped family member who is incapable of adequately caring for himself or herself.
   B.   Located on a nonresidential construction site and occupied by persons having construction security responsibilities of such construction site.
THROUGH LOT: See definition of Lot Types.
TOPSOIL: The largely organic upper horizon of the soil, down to such restrictions as claypans, hardpans, coarse sand and gravel, or rock.
TOWNHOUSE: A single-family dwelling unit on a separate lot that is attached to one or more townhomes and having at least one common wall.
TRAIL: A way designed for and used by equestrians, pedestrians or cyclists.
TREATMENT DEVICE: A constructed or manufactured area or mechanism designed for the purpose of removing contaminants from stormwaters. "Treatment devices" may include, but are not limited to, detention ponds, oil/water separators, biofiltration swales and constructed wetlands.
TREE: A woody plant with at least one well defined stem or trunk and normally reaches a height of fifteen feet (15') or more. (Ord. 558, 12-14-2016)