Conservation subdivisions in these districts shall have the flexibility to create common open space, a conservation lot or lots, and/or development reserve lots, depending on unique site characteristics and/or interests of the applicant, provided the following requirements are met:
   A.   Minimum Lot Size: There is no minimum lot size for cluster lots, provided the subdivision meets the density requirements specified in this title. However, cluster lots shall be sized sufficiently to meet applicable setbacks and other requirements in this title, unless otherwise noted herein.
   B.   Development Reserve Lots: All subdivisions that do not contain urban services are encouraged to use clustering techniques that allow for future development at urban densities. To accomplish this, applicants may designate an area or areas "development reserve lot" that can be further subdivided when urban services become available. See subsection 12-633I of this subchapter for related development reserve lot requirements. See subsection 12-637A2 of this subchapter for related density bonus provisions.
   C.   Reduction In Setbacks: Front, side and/or rear yard setbacks may be reduced to accomplish design objectives for the development, provided other applicable standards in this title are met.
   D.   Multiple Dwelling Units: Multiple dwelling units may be included on individual lots, provided the subdivision meets applicable density requirements and other requirements in this title.
   E.   Common Open Space: Applicants are encouraged to set aside at least twenty percent (20%) of the land as common open space, or recreational facilities for the residents of the subdivision. (Ord. 501, 11-18-2008)