Any division of land into four (4) or fewer lots or parcels. Exception: those lots under common ownership, and limited in use to common open space or agricultural pursuits, need not be counted as a lot for purposes of determining applicable land division procedures only. . A minor land division shall not be used contiguously to avoid the regular subdivision process. (See BCRC 12-600 C.)
Any division of land into five (5) to ten (10) lots or parcels.
Any division of land into eleven (11) or more lots or parcels or divisions of those parcels that do not qualify for a Minor Land Division or Short Plat.
The term “subdivision” shall not include:
A.   The lease of agricultural lands for agriculture or agricultural purposes.
B.   The lease or conveyance of land to a governmental agency, quasi-public or public entity, political subdivision, or private or public utility. The portion conveyed to the previously mentioned entities need not meet minimum acreage standards, however, any other portion or remainder that remains in private ownership shall meet minimum acreage standards.
C.   Mineral, oil or gas leases.
D.   A lot line adjustment or minor notational change.
E.   Land within a recognized cemetery which has been divided into lots or plats for the purpose of burial only.
F.   The financing or leasing of any commercial or industrial lot or parcel, or portion thereof, in conjunction with the construction of commercial or industrial buildings on a single lot or parcel.
G.   The financing or leasing of existing separate commercial or industrial buildings on a single lot or parcel.
H.   The financing or leasing of apartments, offices, stores or similar space with apartment buildings, industrial buildings, commercial buildings or mobile home parks, so long as each unit or space is not separately owned.
I.   Minor Land Divisions. (Ord. 557, 11-10-2016; amd. Ord. 591, 10-23-2019; Ord. 634, 8-4-2021)