A.   License Required:
      1.   No person shall own, harbor, keep, or possess a dog over the age of sixteen (16) weeks within the City without first procuring a dog license as provided by this chapter.
      2.   Exception: Persons visiting in the City with a dog that they own or are in possession of shall not be required to obtain a City dog license, if the visit does not exceed thirty (30) consecutive days.
   B.   License Application: The owner or person having charge of any dog over the age of sixteen (16) weeks residing within the City shall apply for a dog license from the City Clerk, an Animal Care and Control Agency, or an Animal Shelter or other designated agent.
   C.   General Standards: The general standards and requirements for dog license applications pursuant to this chapter are as follow:
      1.   All dog license applications and renewals shall be made in the form and manner prescribed by the City Clerk.
      2.   Proof of spay or neuter shall be submitted with the application for each for every dog a license is sought, unless the dog is being licensed as an unneutered animal.
      3.   If a dog being licensed is an unneutered animal then an additional licensing fee may be required.
      4.   Every application for a dog license shall be accompanied by a nonrefundable license fee in an amount established by the City Council and listed on the City's most current Fines and Fees Schedule.
      5.   Every application containing untrue or misleading information may be denied without refund of the application fees or consideration.
   D.   Payment And Term Of Dog Licenses: Dog licenses are not transferrable. Dog owners may choose to prepay licenses for one, two (2) or three (3) years. All dog licenses are valid for twelve (12), twenty-four (24), or thirty-six (36) months from date of sale and shall expire automatically at the end of that period.
   E.   Waiver Of Fees: License fees shall be waived for any service dog residing at its owner's property within the City. In order to receive such waiver, application shall be made by any owner directly to the City Clerk.
   F.   Issuance Of License; Tag; Duplicate Tag: Upon receipt of such application and payment of fees, the person issuing the license shall issue a receipt designating the owner's name and the number of the license, the sex (or status of spayed or neutered) of the dog and the amount paid by him, together with a metal tag bearing the number corresponding to that upon receipt. If a license is lost, the Clerk or Director of the animal shelter or other designated agent shall, upon application and payment of a fee in such amount as established by the City Council, issue a duplicate tag. Licenses for the following year may be purchased within ninety (90) days prior to the expiration date. Upon renewal, a new tag shall not be issued unless requested. If a dog is licensed as nonspayed or nonneutered, and is spayed or neutered within the licensed period, the Clerk shall, upon presentation of a veterinarian's statement of spaying or neutering, refund the difference in the license fee.
   G.   Imitation License Tags: No person shall allow any dog owned, kept, or harbored by him or her to wear an expired license tag, a tag issued for a different dog, or any other counterfeit tag. Expired, counterfeit, or otherwise illegal dog license tags may be confiscated upon discovery by an authorized officer.
   H.   Removal Of Tag From Collar: No unauthorized person shall remove from any dog its collar, harness, or other device to which a license tag is attached, or to remove such tag therefrom, unless permitted under this article. (Ord. 20-21, 5-11-2021)