A.   Records Maintained: The humane shelter shall keep a record of all animals impounded, which record shall contain a description of the animal, the place where, and the date when, taken into custody or when delivered to the humane shelter. (1952 Code § 6-07-24)
   B.   Authority To Impound; Policy:
      1.   A police officer, animal control officer or any other person may seize and impound all dogs at large. All animals seized must be immediately delivered to the humane shelter for impoundment.
      2.   The owner of any animal taken up and impounded may recover possession of such animal upon payment to the humane shelter of the required license fee and fees authorized to be received and charged by the humane shelter. If the owner or representative of the owner of any animal taken up and impounded shall fail to pay the license fees and costs and fees of the pound within twenty four (24) hours after actual notice to the owner or representative of the owner, or within five (5) days after reasonable and diligent effort to notify the owner or representative of the owner, or within five (5) days after notice has first been posted pursuant to subsection E of this section, the humane shelter may dispose of an animal either through adoption, provided the new owner shall pay the license fee and the costs and fees as herein provided, or through euthanasia. (1952 Code § 6-07-28)
   C.   Fees For Impounding:
      1.   The humane shelter shall be entitled to charge a fee for the keeping and selling of any animal, which fees shall be retained by the humane shelter as payment toward the costs and expenses incurred in the keeping and selling of such animal. The fees which may be charged by the humane shelter for impounding, keeping and selling any animal, to be paid upon redemption or sale of such animal, shall be in such amounts as established by the City Council.
      2.   The fee for impounding of a nonspayed or nonneutered dog shall be refunded by the humane shelter if the owner elects to have the dog spayed or neutered within forty five (45) days of release from the shelter. Proof of spaying or neutering must be provided to the humane shelter to receive this refund.
      3.   In addition to the foregoing, any person redeeming any dog or vicious animal, shall, prior to or at the time of the redemption, take out a license for same and fulfill all licensing requirements of this chapter, unless such dog or vicious animal shall already have a license for the calendar year.
      4.   A fraction of a day shall be deemed a full day, and a portion of a day in excess of any multiple to twenty four (24) hours, shall be deemed a day. (1952 Code § 6-07-26; amd. 2019 Code)
   D.   Redemption Of Impounded Animal:
      1.   Any animal impounded because it was found running at large or without a license, may be redeemed by the owner prior to the sale or destruction of such animal, by paying all charges against the same, as provided by this section.
      2.   Any person violating any of the provisions of this chapter shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and each day such violation is committed or permitted to continue shall constitute a separate offense and shall be punishable as such. (1952 Code § 6-07-25)
   E.   Sale; Notice: At any time after any horse, mule, any kind of cattle, hog or any stock animal, shall have been impounded, the humane shelter, shall give notice of sale by posting a notice at the humane shelter, describing the animal impounded, and notifying the owner to pay the charges thereon and remove same prior to the time fixed for the sale thereof; and that, otherwise, the animal will be sold at a public sale at a time and place named in said notice, which time shall be not less than five (5) days from the date of the posting of such notices.
   F.   Adoption: The Director of the Humane Society shall have the authority to adopt out animals unclaimed by owner after five (5) days of impoundment. (1952 Code § 6-07-27)
   G.   Destruction Of Diseased Animals: Any animal impounded hereunder and suffering from serious injury or disease, may be euthanized at the discretion of the humane shelter. (1952 Code § 6-07-29)