A.   License Required: It shall be unlawful to keep, maintain, harbor or possess upon the premises of any one household more than four (4) dogs or cats, or any combination of such animals, unless the owner or person in charge shall have obtained a noncommercial kennel license. (1952 Code § 6-07-21)
   B.   Application; Fee Deposit: Application for a noncommercial kennel license shall be made to the Clerk or humane shelter and must be accompanied by the written consent to such noncommercial kennel by at least seventy five percent (75%) of all the persons in possession of premises within a radius of one hundred feet (100') of the premises upon which such noncommercial kennel is to be maintained. The application shall be accompanied by the deposit of a license fee in such amount as established by the City Council, which deposit shall be returned to the applicant if the license is not issued. (1952 Code § 6-07-21; amd. 2019 Code)
   C.   Content Of Application; Referral To Health Department: The application shall state the name and address of the owner, where the noncommercial kennel is to be located and the number of dogs or cats. The application shall be in duplicate and the duplicate thereof shall be referred to the Central District Health Department, which department shall, within five (5) days thereof, make its report of whether or not the location and operation of said noncommercial kennel complies with their health regulations. Where the Central District Health Department report denies approval of the location or operation of said proposed noncommercial kennel, then no license shall be issued.
   D.   Nontransferable; Term; Additions: Noncommercial kennel licenses shall not be transferable, and shall expire December 31 of the year in which issued. Whenever additions are made to the number of dogs for which a noncommercial kennel license has been issued, the licensee shall, within three (3) days, report to the Office of the Clerk or to the humane shelter and pay the required license fee; provided, however, that whenever puppies or kittens are born, such puppies or kittens shall not be counted in computing the license fee until three (3) months old.
      1.   Exception: All currently valid noncommercial kennel licenses, which would otherwise expire on December 31, 2019, shall remain valid and not require renewal until June 30, 2020. After June 30, 2020, all extended noncommercial kennel licenses must be renewed pursuant to all licensing requirements set forth in City Code. This exception (Boise City Code § 5-1-5(D)(1)) shall automatically expire on July 1, 2020.
   E.   Dog Licenses Required; Zoning Regulations Applicable: The issuance of a noncommercial kennel license shall not obviate the necessity of obtaining an individual dog license, nor shall any of the provisions of this chapter be deemed to vary or alter any of the zoning regulations of the City.
   F.   Renewal: Noncommercial kennel licenses may be renewed upon expiration by filing an application and paying required fee.
   G.   Suspension Or Revocation: Any licensee who shall: 1) violate any provision of this chapter or fail to comply with any of the conditions under which any license shall be issued; or 2) violate any statute or ordinance regarding the operation of the noncommercial kennel, shall be subject to have his license suspended or revoked. The procedure for license revocation shall follow the procedure set forth in title 3, chapter 1, article A of this Code.
   H.   Inspections: It shall be the duty of the Clerk to inspect, or cause to be inspected, noncommercial kennel facilities for which licenses under this chapter have been issued as often as it may be necessary for the adequate control and supervision of such facilities. The Clerk, or designee, shall have the right to enter all such facilities at any reasonable time for the purpose of making necessary investigations and inspections, and shall be charged with the responsibility of enforcing and administering the provisions of this section.
(1952 Code § 6-07-21; amd. 2019 Code; Ord. 60-19, 12-17-2019)