A.   Notices:
      1.   All notices regarding festival block designation approvals, denials, renewals, suspensions, or revocations shall be sent to the applicant and the list of stakeholder businesses listed in the application. It is the applicant and the stakeholders' duty to ensure that the contact information is current and correct with the City Clerk's Office.
      2.   All notices of denial shall include the actions, if any, that the applicant could take to obtain the designation or renewal thereof.
   B.   Suspension and Revocation of Designation: The City Clerk may suspend or revoke a festival block designation under this chapter when:
      1.   After the issuance of the designation, it is determined that the application did not meet the requirements set forth in this chapter;
      2.   There are grounds for suspension or revocation as provided in chapter 1, article A of this title; or
      3.   A reassessment of designation reveals that the festival block does not have seventy five percent (75%) minimum support from the stakeholder businesses, and the designation is consequently revoked
   C.   Procedure For Denial, Suspension, Or Revocation Of Designation, And Review: Except as otherwise provided in this subsection, the procedures set forth in chapter 1, article A of this title for license denial, suspension, or revocation, and the appeal thereof shall be followed for festival block designations. (Ord. 13-22, 3-29-2022)