A.   Petition For Reassessment Of Designation: After the first year of designation, any stakeholder business owner may petition the City Clerk's Office in writing to request a reassessment of the festival block designation.
   B.   Reassessment Petition Requirements: A petition for festival block designation reassessment must demonstrate that less than seventy five percent (75%) of the stakeholder businesses support the designation, or the petition shall automatically fail. The Clerk's Office will review all viable petitions and reassess the festival block designation based on the standards and factors. The Clerk's Office will make a recommendation to the City Council regarding the petition, and City Council shall vote to continue the designation or revoke it. Petitions for designation reassessment shall not be considered more frequently than once a year.
   C.   Special Events And Reassessment: Upon receiving a petition for festival block designation reassessment, the special events team shall not approve any new special events with the open container zone opt-in until the petition either fails or is approved by City Council. If a festival block designation is revoked under the reassessment process, any previously approved special events with the open container zone opt-in shall be allowed to proceed as originally approved. (Ord. 13-22, 3-29-2022)