A.   Only geographic areas that the City has approved may operate as festival blocks.
   B.   Designation Is Nontransferable: All festival block designations are nontransferable. A festival block's privilege to allow opt-in an open container zone for special events may not be transferred or used in any other geographical location than within the parameters of the designated festival block.
   C.   Term; Renewal: All festival block designations are granted for a one (1) year period from the date of designation and shall automatically renew for five (5) consecutive years unless the designation is suspended, revoked, or there is a petition for designation reassessment. Upon the fifth year, the festival block designation must be renewed following the renewal process as developed and implemented by the City Clerk.
   D.   Legal Compliance: Festival block designation and any activity pursuant to such designation shall comply with all other applicable governmental restrictions or requirements. (Ord. 13-22, 3-29-2022)