The following words and phrases used in this chapter shall have the following meanings unless a different meaning clearly appears from the context:
CHIEF OF POLICE: The Chief of the Boise City Police Department or his/her designee.
CITY ATTORNEY: The Boise City Attorney or his/her designee.
NUISANCE ACTIVITIES: Any of the following activities, behaviors or conduct:
   A.   The illegal manufacturing, producing, preparing, packaging, buying or selling of amphetamine, methamphetamine, heroin or cocaine in any form.
   B.   The illegal possession of materials or equipment used, or with the intent to be used, in the manufacture, production, preparation or packaging of amphetamine and methamphetamine, heroin or cocaine.
   C.   Improper storage or disposal of hazardous materials, as defined in the International Fire Code, as adopted by section 5-12-2 of this Code, which are used in the activities described in subsections A and B of this definition.
   D.   Violation of Idaho Code section 18-2604 by intimidation of a witness who has reported nuisance activities, by a person residing on, or the owner of, property under investigation for nuisance activities.
NUISANCE PROPERTY: Real property, commonly used for human habitation, including all buildings and structures located upon said real property on which two (2) or more nuisance activities have occurred during any one hundred eighty (180) day period. Real property containing multiple dwelling units shall only be declared a "nuisance property" as it relates to the individual unit involved in the nuisance activity. However, should the same individual be involved in multiple instances of nuisance activities on the same real property, but in different units, each incident shall be counted toward a finding of a nuisance property. If the property owner/manager provides substantiated information that the individual is in the process of being evicted, subsequent activities performed by the individual to be evicted shall not be counted toward a finding of nuisance property. Further, if the property owner/manager is the reporting party leading to the discovery of the nuisance activities being conducted on the property, there shall be no finding of nuisance property based upon the reported incident.
PLAN OF ACTION: A detailed written response from the property owner describing the manner in which the property owner will, within their legal authority, make a good faith effort to prevent nuisance activities from continuing. The plan of action shall be filed with the Chief of Police within fifteen (15) working days from the date of the notice in subsection 4-2-2B1 of this chapter. Instructions and educational materials regarding the preparation of the plan of action will be available at the Office of the Chief of Police.
POLICE REPORT: Information received by the Boise City Police Department which has been substantiated after an investigation.
SECURE TASK FORCE: A committee of individuals, including City staff members, appointed by, and serving at the pleasure of, the Mayor of Boise City. The SECURE Task Force shall also consist of at least two (2) individuals from a professional association or group, including, but not limited to: IREM, Idaho Manufactured Housing Association, Idaho Rental Owners and Managers Association, National Association of Residential Property Managers, Ada County Association of Realtors, as well as a citizen from the private sector knowledgeable in hazardous materials and a citizen knowledgeable in landlord/tenant law. (1952 Code § 8-18-01; amd. 2019 Code)