A.   Notice: Whenever a written statement that a "nuisance", as defined in this chapter, exists or is being maintained within the jurisdictional limits provided by Idaho Code, is received by the City Attorney or designee stating that the same is a menace to the public health or dangerous to the health or safety of the inhabitants of the City, the City Attorney or designee shall issue a notice requiring the owner or agent of the owner of the premises to remove and abate the nuisance from said premises within a time, not exceeding ten (10) days, to be specified in the notice. Said notice shall be served by a Code Enforcement Officer or a police officer, by delivering a copy thereof to the owner, agent or occupant of the said property; or if the same is unoccupied and the owner is a nonresident, then by mailing the notice to the owner's last known address by certified mail.
   B.   Failure To Comply; Action By City: If the owner, agent or occupant of the property shall fail to comply with the requirements of the notice within the period specified therein, the City shall proceed to have the things described in the notice removed and abated from the property and the costs of abatement assessed in the manner provided for in Idaho Code. (1952 Code § 8-08-02)