In addition to the unlawful practices and illegal acts and omissions proscribed throughout this chapter, each of the following acts or omissions shall be unlawful:
   A.   To knowingly conduct a planned special event for which a permit was required without a permit.
   B.   For an applicant to knowingly make any material false statement or misrepresentation on an application for a permit required by this chapter.
   C.   No applicant for a planned special event permit shall provide an estimate of projected attendance he or she knows, or should know, to be inaccurate.
   D.   For any applicant or permittee to fail to maintain insurance, of the type and in the amount required, for the entire period of the planned special event, including set up and take down, unless waived by the City Clerk.
   E.   To knowingly fail to comply with conditions pursuant to which a planned special event permit was issued.
   F.   No person shall conduct any street event or planned special event upon any street, in a manner which impedes vehicle traffic, without first obtaining a citizen use permit.
   G.   No person shall commence or continue a street event without first ensuring the required number of peace officers or fire personnel are present.
   H.   To fail to timely pay the City for all expenses required to be reimbursed pursuant to this chapter unless otherwise waived by the Chief or designee. (Ord. 10-14, 3-25-2014)