The Deconstruction and Demolition Material and Waste Management Plan established by Boise City shall be completed and implemented by a designated Recycling/Reuse Coordinator to recycle or salvage deconstruction and demolition materials for reuse. The Estimation Proposal plan shall be submitted for review and approval upon submittal of an application for a permit. The Actual Diversion Report shall then be submitted for review after the deconstruction and/or demolition project work is completed. The Deconstruction and Demolition Material and Waste Management Plan shall comply with this Chapter and contain the following information:
   A.   Materials to be diverted from waste disposal in landfills by recycling, reuse, manufacturer's reclamation, salvage for future reuse, donation, or sale shall be specified and include destinations of diverted materials and hauling method.
   B.   The quantity of materials to be diverted shall be specified and shall be specified by weight whenever possible. When the receiving facility does not have the ability to weigh materials, quantity may be estimated or reported in cubic yards.
   C.   Recycling, reuse, and landfill receipts, weight tickets, hauler receipts, and other documentation related to diversion shall be maintained through the course of deconstruction or demolition, and submitted to the building official, or designee, for verification prior to the return of the bond on the project. (Ord. 15-21, 5-4-2021)