The City finds that public health, safety, and welfare require that certain occupations and businesses operating in the City, including but not limited to, newspaper, periodical, and magazine publishers wishing to distribute their products upon the sidewalks be regulated without restraining, burdening, or over-regulating such businesses in order to afford basic protections to the public.
The use of sidewalks for the distribution of printed news, periodicals, and other publications, while providing a public benefit, may also impede travel, interfere with the rights of others using the sidewalks, and affect the public safety. News racks are often neglected and vandalized creating blight and nuisance contrary to the livability goals of the City. Therefore, to balance these competing interests, the City Council hereby designates certain areas of the City where news racks shall be exclusively used for the sale or distribution of printed news, periodicals, and other publications within the public right-of-way. These news racks shall be uniformly constructed, located, and owned by the City. (Ord. 10-20, 5-12-2020)